Questions? Call us.(212) 564-7173

Questions? Call us.(212) 564-7173

Finishing / Bindery

Most sightseeing tours of New York City will highlight the breathtakingly intricate and innovative artistry in structures like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

But rarely do the construction workers, carpenters and masons who did the manual labor get any recognition for finishing the vision that the designer or architect began.

At Gotham Color, we recognize that our Finishing and Bindery department is as integral and essential to building and completing a successful project as any other department.

Trimming, scoring and folding a brochure requires precision. Collating multiple pages of a document or book before inserting tabs and then hole punching requires planning, attention to detail, and quality control. Laminating and mounting a poster onto foam core requires the right equipment set at the right temperature while experienced hands guide it through the process. Gotham Color has all of these necessary elements, and more, to take your project from concept to completion.